NOW offering Local Pick-up/Delivery for Friday/Saturday

ORDERS IN BY 8:00am Wednesday 

Please, place your order by 8:00 am Wednesday morning. Our order can be pick-up Friday afternoon at the the Little Farm Store in Seymour (520 Lucky Road) or at the Farmers Market of the Ozarks from 8:00am to 1:00pm in Springfield on Saturday mornings. Just ask if you need other arrangements or have questions. 

 NOTICE: If the Farmers Market of the Ozarks is closed for any reason on Saturday Morning we can deliver your order Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.


VanderWaal Homestead 

Farm and Bakery 

Whether it is the healthy sourdough we bake for you or the sustainable food or seed we farm: We always bring our skills, creativity and ingenuity to you, for you to enjoy



Here at VanderWaal Homestead Farm and Bakery we work hard at creating a harmonious partnership between our sourdough products and our farm. You can find us baking through the week at the kitchen we rent near Seymour, Missouri and in our off hours we are at home working the Homestead with our five little children bustling about. 

Cows and Sheep

Our Business

On our little farm you can see cows with their calves lazily grazing in the pastures and around the trees, sheep and goats not far away wandering through the hillsides, and a flock of chickens running through the pasture near their coop chasing bugs. Not far from there you will find large gardens filled with non-GMO produce, seed plants, berries and fruit trees. In the fall and winter you will see the family harvesting, collecting nuts, chopping wood, tapping trees and boiling sap for syrup.

Farmer Boy

Our Vision 

All this is growing and coming together by the blessing of the Almighty through the hard work of a growing team. It is our goal to that by providing our skills, creativity and ingenuity to you to enjoy through our sourdough bakery good or other product, that we can reasonably support our family and team sufficiently. 

Harvest Egyptian Walking Onions for 3 different Uses Egyptian Walking Onions are also known

Egyptian Walking Onions: Harvesting

It is the time of year to harvest our hard-neck garlics. We also have

Harvest and Selling OUR Hard-neck Garlic

In the last video we showed how we filter all our walnut sap before

Filtering Walnut Syrup 2 of 3
VanderWaal Homestead