In the last video we showed how we filter all our walnut sap before we start boiling it down to syrup. In this video the sap is boiled down quite a way and is ready to be finished on the stove.

It is good to note that as we boil the sap outside we have a fine metal strainer that we constantly pull through the sap as it boils to remove the gelled pectin. We remove a lot of sap with the strainer before we come to the point of filtering shown in the video. Straining the sap removes a significant amount of pectin before filtering and help keep the filters from plugging as quick.

I highly recommend straining the sap as it boils with something like a fine metal strainer or a new small fishing net. Also, be aware that when dealing with the sap at these points is is scalding HOT!

But this is a process of making delicious walnut syrup.